Orthodontics for Children

When to start an orthodontic treatment for my child?
Does my child need braces or an appliance?

The first phase of treatment is an orthodontic treatment that is provided before all the permanent teeth have appeared, normally before 12 years of age.

The American Association of Orthodontists, including Dr. Normand Bach party, recommends an orthodontic examination for all children from 7 years to identify a specific orthodontic problem. Not all children benefit from an initial phase of treatment at this age. Most children do not need a first phase of appliances before the appearance of all adult teeth, but some problems need a first phase treatment and will provide some benefits:


• Reduces risks of trauma to upper incisors
• Improves the occlusion between the upper jaw and the bottom for an overall better development, before puberty and the end of growth. This reduces the chance of surgery in adulthood
• Improves the appearance and self-esteem of the child
• Improves phonation and eliminates bad habits (thumb sucking, tongue posture) in collaboration with other professionals
• Reduces or decreases the time of the orthodontic treatment when the permanent teeth appear
• Eliminates the need for orthodontics in adulthood, in some cases
• Eliminates the need for dental extraction or surgery in adulthood, in some cases

Your dentist can tell if your child would benefit from a treatment phase and one or more of these benefits. You can also make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Normand Bach, orthodontist, to have a fair and appropriate response to all your questions and advice regarding what is best for your child.

An Orthodontic treatment for adolescents may also be continued if necessary when the patient has all his adult teeth, either between 10 to 12 years of age.
Some types of appliances for the first phase include:

• Palatal expansion appliance
• Facemask
• mandibular advancement appliance
• Removable appliance
• Lingual Arch
• Nance to prevent thumb sucking


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